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How Can Businesses Motivate Their Workforce

Motivating the workforce is essential for businesses to maintain high levels of productivity, engagement and job satisfaction. After the last couple of years, we have all had, our people, have taken a mental bashing – sometimes that mental bashing also translates into a fundamental health …

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How well-being tactics in the workplace can increase productivity

When employees feel supported, healthy and engaged, they are more likely to perform at their best. 5 ways well-being tactics can increase productivity Reduce Stress Address Mental Health Concerns Nurture a Positive Environment  Meaningful Work-Life Balance Increase Morale   1. Reduce Stress Stress is so …

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Resilience ahead!

In Dame Sally Davies’s book, “Whose Health is it Anyway”,  Davies examines the role that health has to play in generating the wealth of our society, both economically and in terms of improvement of the wealth reserve through engendering good health and resilience as individuals.  

The Corporate Wellness Show Episode 2 – Michael Smyth

In this episode of the Corporate Wellness Show Kate interviews Michael Smyth from Graham, a construction company based in Northern Ireland – Michael reveals that focusing on the wellbeing of their people took them from the bottom of the BUPA health league, to the top, reducing risk factors such as heart disease.  By introducing some consistent measures, all with the wellbeing of their people in mind, Graham might even be making an impact on the safety of their workers too.  Far from it being a “nice to have” add, investing in wellness has proved to be a “have to have” strategy, even “up ticking” the bottom line of the company by this innovative approach to the health and happiness of their people.

Farming that takes account of the farmer and the consumer

With worthy intentions to “Feed the World” proponents of GM (genetically modified) agro-business seek to find a shiny tech solution to solve the problems of world hunger apparently aiming to end global poverty and world-wide inequality into the bargain.

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