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Christmas is a time for celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than with food?  Since time began, food has been used as a way of bringing people together and for sharing and celebrating special occasions.  Our recommendation for this Christmas is therefore to infuse your food with nourishment and love and to have a guilt-free day!  Far too many people can never fully embrace their Christmas meal as although their taste buds are having a party, it is accompanied with internal chatter of guilty feelings and promises to start a diet in the New Year.  The very act of sharing food with your loved ones is nourishing for the mind and emotions and believe it or not the traditional meal is actually brimming with wonderful nutrients.  So, we say, kick the guilt aside and dive straight into the celebrations with our nourishing Christmas tips: 

  • Don’t hold back on the turkey.  It’s low in fat and high in protein, and particularly the amino acid tryptophan which is needed to make serotonin the feel-good neurotransmitter.  It’s also an excellent source of selenium and vitamins B3 and B6. 
  • Pile up the vegetables – Check with your stoma nurse what stage you are at with what veggies you can eat – veggies are a low-calorie way to get more nutrients in!
  • Season with cinnamon – use it liberally in home-baked mince pies and Christmas cake.  Cinnamon has many health benefits, but what is particularly important at Christmas is its ability to help lessen the impact of carbohydrates on your blood sugar levels.  It improves the insulin response, meaning you’re less likely to suffer from a blood sugar slump in the afternoon. 
  • Cook your vegetables in a steamer, or lightly boiled, or if you’re roasting them then why not try using some coconut butter.  Coconut butter contains lauric acid and helps support metabolism. 
  • Remember – Christmas is only one Meal – don’t let it be an excuse to carry on until New Years!
  • Alcohol weakens the resolve! Nothing wrong with a festive drink but don’t go mad!  Or you can find yourself tucking in!  Keep hydrated with lots of pure water.

So, focus on all the nourishing qualities of your Christmas meal.  With all this goodness we promise you there’s no need to feel guilty when you indulge in that chocolate father Christmas… which after all is nourishing for the soul! 

Life Tips for Christmas Survival 

  1. Start to plan now if Christmas means a lot to you – don’t leave it all to the last minute and get stressed – nothing puts a damper on Christmas so much as a cross, crabby, tired you!
  2. Take the expectation of perfection out of Christmas – you don’t have to have it all absolutely perfect.
  3. Delegate – for the ladies out there – it doesn’t have to be that 1950’s idea of you with the pinny on having organised a Christmas party for 50 whilst multi-tasking a banquet for all your family members.  Get help from your family!
  4. Less is more!  Just a five pound present is enough!  Wrap with love. put a small personal touch on it – make the card (however “badly”)
  5. Christmas is just one day and one meal – don’t use it as an excuse to go nuts for the entire Christmas season, abandoning all the good foundations in your diet and health that you have put in place for the whole year.  Much more difficult to put it all back “in the tin” after the holidays.  

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