Corporate Wellness Bible – By Kate Cook

My new book “ The Corporate Wellness Bible ” is due out in early March.  I am fortunate enough to be back with the publisher of my original book, “52 Brilliant Ideas”.   This will be my 6th title and of all my books, I have really enjoyed putting this together.

The book stems out of my experience of over 13 years leading Wellness/Nutrition Programmes to dynamically change the Energy of companies.  What has struck me over the years is, companies are of course made up of individuals and those individuals make up the Whole company.  If each of those individuals function below par then the company as a whole is less effective.  Often it is the company who is responsible generally for the culture of an organisation – a poor attitude to the appreciation of the fact the employees are human and have other needs can have a devastating effect on morale and productivity.  Often it is a short term view – in the short term, long hours, demanding workload done by fewer people looks like cost effectiveness.  In the long term, this disregard for the health of “the talent” can mean the very best people just leave and go to other organisations where there is a sense of balance and responsibility.   Thus the Book is aimed at the individuals who work in companies and gives small bite sizes ways in people can choose how to optimise health at work.

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The book is ideal for progressive companies to “white cover” to give to their employees as induction to their health or Wellness approach.  White covering means that a company can “own” the Corporate Health Bible and have their own logo or write their own introduction so that they can speak directly to their staff and reflect the culture of the organisations

The book is extremely accessible in terms of the information and has the tone of friends talking over a cup of tea as opposed to someone wagging their finger and telling you off!  The philosophy o f the book is that small steps can lead to big changes.

I have  has as a top nutritionist in Harley Street for 13 years and have lead Corporate Well being programmes in some of the UK’s most progressive companies.  The foundation of the book is about seeing how a structure around what to eat can make a radical difference to energy and performance.   Once learned this can make a huge impact not only immediately in terms of energy but for the longer run in terms of health.

The book is divided into three sections  – Nutrition, Exercise and Mind Strategies (Resilience) – each section has small nuggets to savour and to develop to start turning those health resolutions into positive action.

The impact of Wellness in companies is growing – With the economic circumstances leading to longer hours, more stress and insecurity – we can’t ignore the health of our biggest asset our People. The growing move towards corporate responsibility is dictating that Corporate Britain can no longer expect its people to work longer and longer hours without giving something besides money in return.

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