‘Life Energy Management’ – The newest idea in Leadership Coaching and Organisational Consultancy

leadership coachingIntroducing Dr Rosy Daniel and the ‘Life Energy Management’ concept – the newest idea in Leadership Coaching and Organisational Consultancy



What is Life Energy Management?

leadership coachingThe definition of energy is ‘the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity’.

In physics energy is defined as ‘the capacity of a physical system to perform work and exert power.’

Life Energy is the vital energy that we have as individuals, teams and organisations to fuel our passions, fire our vision, unleash our creativity and drive our performance.

When our life energy is high we feel wonderful, we radiate health and wellbeing, we inspire and energise others, we reach our full potential in life, we excel in business and we still have high energy left to bring to our relationships and to achieving our higher aspirational goals. This makes our life energy the most precious resource that we have and it makes understanding and managing life energy as crucial for business leaders and work forces as managing the business finances.

Our ability to lead and succeed is directly proportional to the energy available to us, but high pressure jobs and Western lifestyle deplete our life energy, putting our performance, work capacity, health and fulfilment at risk. Once we understand how to build our life energy we function at full power, with high motivation, higher emotional intelligence and real clarity. As our energy levels rise so does our mood, our capacity and our intuition. With heightened awareness we make better decisions and we arrive at the point where we do less but achieve more.

Working through Organisational Consultancy, One to One Coaching, and Training Programmes, we can help people and businesses achieve:

  • Peak performance, and enhanced health and wellbeing for leaders and their teams
  • Improved business performance
  • Advances in creativity and innovation
  • Reduced sickness and absence costs
  • Increased staff loyalty and retention
  • Enhanced social and global responsibility

How does Life Energy Management work?

leadership coachingAfter 28 years in holistic healthcare and life energy management, pioneer Dr Rosy Daniel has worked out the key factors and behaviours which impact upon our life energy, both individually and at work.

Individuals and groups can make an assessment of their Life Energy Factor using the Picture of Health assessment tool. This shows with crystal clarity where energy is being lost or built by individuals or organisations. Aggregation of team results shows clearly where everyone needs to make vital changes to upgrade the energy of the entire business.

With these results in our hands, individuals, teams and entire organisations can be coached, trained or consulted to produce personal and organisational strategies to build their Life Energy Factor with immensely exciting results. Individuals report increases in happiness, health and fulfilment with greater energy for leadership and work. Businesses become Employers of Choice, where the dynamism, care and emphasis on enhanced life energy create a highly attractive environment in which to work and grow.

Who leads Life Energy Management?

Dr Rosy Daniel has developed the Life Energy Management concept. She has had a 28 year integrative medical career providing UK leadership in:

  • Establishing, training in and delivering the proactive “positive self-care paradigm”
  • Inventing a new professional pathway for health coaching and life energy management
  • Researching the impact of raising our Life Energy Factor on mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • Health activism, innovation and social entrepreneurship, working determinedly to make health and not illness the norm in society
  • Authorship, publishing, training and broadcasting on positive health and peak performance since 1990

Who operates Life Energy Management?

Life Energy Management is delivered by Health Creation Mentors and Consultants within the organisation known as Health Creation at Work, which has led the innovation of business health coaching since 2000. Health Creation is:

  • A partner in the Harvard University Medical School ,Institute of Coaching, National Credentialing Programme working to define international standards and competencies in health and wellbeing coaching
  • In use within Harvard Business School for the executive wellness programme
  • Medically led, scientifically measured and proven in business, healthcare, school and University environments
  • University accredited by Bath Spa University to Masters level
  • Holistic in nature getting to the root causes of low energy, lack of motivation, chronic illness, absenteeism, present-eesim and spiritual malaise

Why is Health Creation important as part of a higher intentional framework?

The world’s top leaders and businesses are now engaging actively with their health and well-being in order to create and sustain the high energy leadership and a business performance edge. This is needed both to excel and to demonstrate corporate responsibility in tackling today’s greatest health crisis in debilitating, costly but preventable lifestyle illness. Harvard Medical and Business Schools are currently taking a lead with their Institute of Coaching with health coaching promoted as a priority for all leaders wishing to combine health, wealth; high performance and high principles. By combining state of the art self-care, positive psychology, energy management and enhanced personal motivation with top level leadership skills, leaders become ever more resilient, powerful and able to sustain performance in the most competitive and ambitious environments.

Personally – Leaders work monthly with a Health Creation Mentor to achieve high life energy, peak health, fitness, vitality and fulfilment building strong self-awareness, self-esteem and positive healthy habits.

Businesses – Work with Health Creation Consultants to create and deliver brilliant strategies for companywide action to promote high life energy in body, mind, spirit and environment of staff producing optimum loyalty and job satisfaction with up to 1:6 return on the bottom line. (RSPH)

Globally – We contribute to tackling what WHO Director Dr Margaret Chan describes as “an impending disaster for health, for society and most of all for national economics” by bringing down rates of stress, obesity, addiction, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression being caused by Western lifestyle.

Dr Daniel and her team are now wishing to work in partnership with those leading in the field of executive coaching for maximum synergy and results.

Contact Dr Rosy Daniel 0771-424-3030 or rosy@healthcreation.co.uk

Kate Cook will be presenting a ‘Fit For Leadership’ panel discussion taking place on 26th September 2016 in conjunction with the RBS Focussed Women’s Network. For further information on this free event click here.

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