Food At Work Project

I am extremely excited to be on the advisory board for this amazing cutting edge research in to “ Food at Work Project ”.  The project is well ,.  The researchers hope to speak to parties involved in work place food to get an understanding of the impact that this important area has on Wellbeing.

The project will not just come from a UK perspective but from a global one and hopes to get to the bottom of the impact food and nutrition has on productivity.  The project hopes to examine all aspects of the influence of food, widely,  from  the interior design of Company restaurants to the economics of food and drink in the modern workplace and anything in between.

In my business role as a leading provider of Workplace Wellness (with a particular interest in Nutrition) I am often staggered that there is not more direct research into the impact of nutrition on wellbeing, health, energy and mental well-being.   Through my own work I see anecdotal evidence of the huge impact on energy and performance by implementing fundamentally inexpensive and simple solutions. Some of the most successful companies in the world put food and nutrition and the heart of their organisations.  Isn’t it time we did so too?

food at work project

Anyone who things they can contribute to this unique and important study should either contact me  and I can put you in touch with the researchers or contact Kit Lewin directly, details below:

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