Global Healthy Workplace Awards – London summit planned

Any initiative that encourages better health programmes and an engagement in a Healthy Workplace is worth supporting.  We spend a great deal of our lives chained to a desk and often employers do not make it easy for workers to make healthy choices.  In the New Recessionary World, longer hours, more for less is the norm.  However, progressive companies realise that looking after the health and well-being of staff is not an option.  It makes sense all round.  Staff are happy and healthier and happy and healthy staff are probably going to be more productive.

healthy workplace

If your company runs an exemplary Health Programme it is worth entering the Gobal Healthy Workplace awards.  There are prizes in three categories.  The award is open to even the smallest company and a conference due to take place in London in April.  Applications must be in by 10th February.

Kate Cook is the author of “The Corporate Wellness Bible” (publish date: February 2013)

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