Resilience ahead!

In Dame Sally Davies’s book, “Whose Health is it Anyway”,  Davies examines the role that health has to play in generating the wealth of our society, both economically and in terms of improvement of the wealth reserve through engendering good health and resilience as individuals.  

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult – we just need to remember to do it” – Sharon Saltzberg

When we are busy with deadlines, work commitments, and troubling world events, the most difficult thing to do is simply to stop.

Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide – Chapter 6: Tiredness and lack of energy

You’re tired during the day, irritable, anxious, have difficulty concentrating and are about as alert as a fridge freezer. If you don’t deal with your sleep problem, your health will spiral downwards and your once cheery personality will be replaced by a glum, short-tempered one. Here’s what to expect when you’re deprived of sleep. It could be worse than you think …

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