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Speakers for Schools Kate Cook - Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Speaker 

Being a teacher is about so much more than just standing up and delivering lessons. It's about making a real impact and transforming lives.

As a motivation speaker for schools, I believe that by supporting teachers in these areas, we can truly make a difference in their lives and create a positive ripple effect in the classroom.

Kate Cook

Kate Cook. Motivational Speaker For Schools 

Find an Inspirational, practical and entertaining Boost for your Staff’s Wellbeing and Morale with Kate Cook.

Foundational to the success of your school, and the flourishing of the pupils, is a happy, engaged, vibrant and healthy team. Kate Cook, Well-being specialist for nearly 25 years can provide an inset day/training with a difference – bringing her skills and expertise as a nutritionist for over two decades, Kate weaves a base of nutrition in to other wellbeing modalities – Kate can provide cutting edge sessions on Brain Health, Emotional Wellbeing, Happiness, How to Stress-Less,  Sleep, Vibrant Energy and much more.

Kate also delivers a day session on uncovering the compelling “Why” – Why bother to engage in looking after our health at all?  It turns out that once you know what your values are, in other words your core operating system, your best intensions for your health are less likely to be derailed – and once you discover that WHY, what is it that is non-negotiable , core driver, the reason to be well and healthy, employing the tactics is a lot easier, and infinitely do-able. Kate also delivers talks and sessions for engaged Six-Formers – focussing on Optimum Concentration and Exam Success

Popular Sessions for Schools include:

  • Vibrant Energy
  • Brain Health
  • Stress-Less
  • Sweet Sleep
  • Boost Immunity
  • Critical Concentration
  • Discovering your WHY -The Life Map Method
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“You were simply brilliant, thanks so much”

Phil Ward, Thomas’ London Day School, Clapham


Kate Cook is a highly experienced speaker for schools, providing talks and workshops to empower staff and encourage healthier lifestyles. With more than 20 years of practice under her belt, Kate delivers fresh, creative, and practical information in an interactive style that encourages participation and involvement.

Kate's fresh, creative and practical information is delivered in an interactive style that encourages involvement and engagement.

As a dynamic speaker for schools, Kate brings her expertise in stress management, burnout, and resilience to educators by focusing on wellness and nutrition. Through the captivating tool of motivation speaking, Kate will guide your teams on strategies to effectively minimise the risk of burnout, while also providing valuable insights on managing energy levels and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With her engaging approach, Kate empowers teachers to prioritise their well-being, enabling them to thrive both personally and professionally. Let Kate inspire your school community with practical techniques that promote resilience and ensure a sustainable and fulfilling career in education.

Kate Cook gives talks and workshops to business clients empowering their staff to adopt healthier lifestyles. With over 20 years’ experience, fresh, creative and practical information is delivered in an interactive style that encourages involvement and engagement.

Kate is passionate about making nutritional change easy and effective. She is a highly experienced international speaker and her successful practice methods have secured extensive TV appearances, publishing deals, magazine features and commissions as an international keynote speaker. As founder and director of the Harley Street clinic. The Nutrition Coach, Kate has personally worked with more than 7,500 patients face to face.

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Why Choose Kate Cook?

  • 25 years in nutrition experience, 8 books - these can be found on Amazon, TedEx speaker
  • Nutrition Qualifications - Dip ION mBANT
  • Changing lives for over 20 years
  • TV BBC Gold - The truth about beauty
  • 10,000+ people helped through Kate's clinic
  • Cutting edge and thought-provoking, inspirational, practical, doable, 
  • International speaker
  • Worked with some of the world's biggest brands


“Thank you so much for the wonderful session on Tuesday evening. I truly enjoyed it. I thought it was extremely uplifting and thought-provoking. Feedback has been extremely positive.”


Faye Marland
Assistant Head, AKS Lytham Independent School

“We have had some positive feedback with delegates finding it an excellent session it - was certainly full of energy - and timely as health and vitality will be an ongoing issue for our school leaders”


Jane Caroll                                                                            Membership Director, Girls’ Schools Association

TV appearances include UK TV’s ‘The Truth About Beauty’.

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