The Menopause and Supporting Women in the Workplace

Kate Cook - Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Speaker, discusses menopause and supporting women in the workplace.

The M-Word – Tackling  on The Menopause head onKate Cook brings her considerable nutrition expertise, inspiration and practical know-how to the thorny topic, that dare not speak it’s name.

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Kate Cook. The Menopause and Supporting Women in the Workplace.

For many of us, who have been through this rite of passage and are on the other side,  menopause was a word that we were ashamed to speak of; thank goodness, in recent years, as the baby-boomers reach this milestone, the challenges of what used to be called “The Change” has been openly discussed, debated and brought to the fore.   However, there is still no handbook of how we can best navigate the choppy waters of fluctuating hormones, with all the distress that this can trigger. What if there was a better way?   In truth, the menopause is not something to dread, dismiss, or ignore but something to celebrate as women, we pass into our wisdom and ultimately our power – but we need to feel in control, grounded and healthful to grab these golden promises of something better on the other side.   In this session, Kate looks at what exactly is happening when the hormones head South, and how, with some careful nutritional strategies, the uncomfortable fluctuations can be minimised and for the shortest amount of time.

Kate uses the foundation of wellbeing to make it the change agent in how to live, a brilliant, happy, engaged and fulfilled life – If you don’t have your health (or energy) you can’t play “full out” and be who you are meant to be!  Health really is wealth.

Kate also delivers other key note sessions titles – including on Food and Mood (Good Mental Health), The Happiness Factor (accessing a well of wellbeing) and topics on food and the environment, including “Dishing The Dirt” (soil health).

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A Highly Experienced International Speaker

Kate is passionate about making nutritional change easy and effective. She is a highly experienced international speaker and her successful practice methods have secured extensive TV appearances, publishing deals, magazine features and commissions as an international keynote speaker.

As founder and director of the Harley Street clinic The Nutrition Coach, Kate has personally worked with more than 7,500 patients face to face. TV appearances include UKTV’s ‘The Truth About Beauty’. Books include ‘Get Healthy for Good’ (Whole Health), ‘Drop a Dress Size’, ‘Shape Up Your Life’, ‘Be Incredibly Healthy’, ‘An Unfit Mother’ (Harper Collins), and the ‘Corporate Wellness Bible’ (52 Brilliant Ideas), Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide (52 Brilliant Ideas), Positive Nutrition – Strategic Eating to Upgrade Your Health and Energy (LID).

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Why Choose Kate Cook?

  • 25 years in nutrition experience, 8 books - these can be found on Amazon, TedEx speaker
  • Nutrition Qualifications - Dip ION mBANT
  • Changing lives for over 20 years
  • TV BBC Gold - The truth about beauty
  • 10,000+ people helped through Kate's clinic
  • Cutting edge and thought-provoking, inspirational, practical, doable, 
  • International speaker
  • Worked with some of the world's biggest brands


“I attended the session you ran for GE Women’s Network back in January and was absolutely blown away by it.”

Sally Ann Abraham HR Manager                                                    GE Healthcare - Life Sciences

“Rollicking success yesterday, really went down well! Thank you for such a professional session and particularly the energy you brought to the team. We still talk about your session [after 4 years]”

Sharon Long, Caitlin
Claims Director

20+ years Experience, Interactive & Engaging Sessions

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