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Wellbeing and a positive mindset are vital to drive a sustainable business.


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Why invest in a wellness package with Kate Cook?

The stakes are high: in 2018, 141 million working days were lost to sickness absence, at a cost of more than £25 billion.

In the new economy your business needs to be fighting fit, performing at its highest level. Kate shakes up traditional attitudes towards food, lifestyle and health to implement effective strategies throughout your organisation. Nutrition is the red thread, but her work covers the range of problems that may be holding your people back, from stress and mood to trouble sleeping.

She will coach your workforce in taking an interest in wellbeing and show them how small changes can make a dramatic difference to their energy and productivity. Her programmes are an investment in your most valuable asset – your people – because studies prove that employees perform significantly better when they are personally engaged in their health and wellbeing.

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Transforming your company performance

A holistic approach to achieving morale-boosting and effective wellness

Kate’s high-energy corporate nutrition and wellness programmes can transform your company by:

  • Creating fitter, happier employees.
  • Reducing absenteeism and time lost.
  • Enhancing job performance and decision making.
  • Improving morale and reducing staff turnover.

Kate’s interactive style means that her stimulating programmes can be delivered through workshops, group activities and presentations. She tailors each programme specifically to your organisation’s needs.  Please get in touch.



What our clients say


David Tempest

Director of Employee Engagement, Elsevier UK

Kate has now delivered two web-based seminars across our organisation and the value of her knowledge is highly recognised and valued by our employees. Colleagues have been impressed with interactive nature of the webinars and the realisation of the need for healthy nutrition. Kate’s advice really makes you think about how we can improve our wellbeing by considering how the food we eat has an effect on everything we do, this is coupled to her vibrant approach and warm personality. We thoroughly recommend these sessions to other organisations.


Gemma Brady

Accenture Digital

Thank you again Kate for a really interesting and excellent presentation which everyone seemed fully engaged with!


Jim Brearley

Accelerate UK

I certainly took away some ‘bite size’ chunks of invaluable information and will certainly be acting on them.  Thank you again Kate for making such a profound difference to how I live my life.

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Sharon Long

Catlin, UK Claims Director

“Rollicking success yesterday, really went down well!
Thank you for such a professional session and particularly the energy you brought to the team”


Roksana Fasovska

Coutts Bank, Zurich

Kate Cook, with her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge inspired our employees in Zurich to lead healthier and happier lives - a great day and time well invested!

Holly Riches

University of London

Kate Cook engages the team with practical, easy-to-dos that could potentially make a huge difference to how we work. She inspires by being fun, vibrant and convincing. Kate creates a dynamic foundation for health and wellness.


Joel Forarth

Health and Safety manager, Skanska

The Focused Wellness Programme (Mindfulness Programme] is a fantastic way to introduce wellbeing into the work environment to make real change possible.  We have had only positive feedback from this interactive, and transformative workshop. There is something for everyone, - everybody feels they can take something from the session and start making a real impact on their lives and their health. Time and money well spent.

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