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Holistic mind & BODY energy

Kate joins forces with emotional health expert Jon Bockelmann Evans to tackle all aspects of wellbeing and jet propel your company’s core energy through The People Energy Partnership (PEP).

With 40 years’ combined experience working with some of the world’s leading companies, Kate and Jon’s down-to-earth and pragmatic wellbeing programmes, both online and in person, are a complete solution that promotes optimum health for both mind and body. Kate will fuel your workforce’s physical energy with her dynamic and educational nutrition sessions, while Jon will use physiology, psychology and personal development to enhance emotional health and mindset, ensuring your workforce can ‘thrive’ not simply ‘survive’.

Key Benefits

Why companies use us time and again

Sparkling, sustainable, workplace energy and wellbeing have never been more relevant. Kate and Jon show you a clear path to achieving it for your employees, engaging all parts of the business.

  • Motivate and inspire your people
  • Improve resilience, stress, sleep and diet
  • Science-backed insight from leading UK experts
  • Fun, invigorating sessions

Energise – The Series

Committing to a series of days across the year provides real traction for your wellbeing agenda, and works out at better value too. We design session themes to suit your culture and your unique company-wide issues. This package includes six full-day sessions, each with two identical seminar/workshops to allow for the different diary commitments of your people, along with Kate’s Ignite mini-consultations. FIVE FACTORS THAT SET US APART:

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Health Foundations


Both physical and mental, addressing stress and pressure

Rest and Recovery

Solutions including restful sleep and relaxation


Optimum nutrition and feeding your mind

Mindful Movement

Moving is key to health


Kate and Jon look at happiness, society, connection and kindness

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Bespoke Delivery

E-learning and resources

Session delivery in person and online


Practical exercises and tools for change


Asset 3_Energise

Leadership Programs

Bespoke sessions which integrate the 5 Health Foundations, with an option for coaching, measurement and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) feedback.


Asset 4_Energise


Working with Red Dot [link] Kate and Jon evaluate which part of your business needs addressing, tweaking their advice and programmes to overcome your challenges.

Asset 5_Energise


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) technology gives individuals data feedback so they are able to change their habits, lifestyle, diet and exercise for maximum health.


Video Gallery

Watch Kate explain the core modules in quick 3 minute videos


What our clients say


David Tempest

Director of Employee Engagement, Elsevier UK

Kate has now delivered two web-based seminars across our organisation and the value of her knowledge is highly recognised and valued by our employees. Colleagues have been impressed with interactive nature of the webinars and the realisation of the need for healthy nutrition. Kate’s advice really makes you think about how we can improve our wellbeing by considering how the food we eat has an effect on everything we do, this is coupled to her vibrant approach and warm personality. We thoroughly recommend these sessions to other organisations.


Gemma Brady

Accenture Digital

Thank you again Kate for a really interesting and excellent presentation which everyone seemed fully engaged with!


Jim Brearley

Accelerate UK

I certainly took away some ‘bite size’ chunks of invaluable information and will certainly be acting on them.  Thank you again Kate for making such a profound difference to how I live my life.

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 2.05.26 pm

Sharon Long

Catlin, UK Claims Director

“Rollicking success yesterday, really went down well!
Thank you for such a professional session and particularly the energy you brought to the team”


Roksana Fasovska

Coutts Bank, Zurich

Kate Cook, with her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge inspired our employees in Zurich to lead healthier and happier lives - a great day and time well invested!

Holly Riches

University of London

Kate Cook engages the team with practical, easy-to-dos that could potentially make a huge difference to how we work. She inspires by being fun, vibrant and convincing. Kate creates a dynamic foundation for health and wellness.


Joel Forarth

Health and Safety manager, Skanska

The Focused Wellness Programme (Mindfulness Programme] is a fantastic way to introduce wellbeing into the work environment to make real change possible.  We have had only positive feedback from this interactive, and transformative workshop. There is something for everyone, - everybody feels they can take something from the session and start making a real impact on their lives and their health. Time and money well spent.

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