Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide – Chapter 3: Control your blood pressure

So you’re 120 over 80. Or maybe you’re 140 over 90. Be honest, do you really know what that means? You’ve had your blood pressure checked. The doctor ‘hmm’s and says, ‘That’s fine.’ You take a deep breath and ask, ‘What is it?’ Slowly your doctor raises her head and looks you straight in the eye. Smiling nervously, you’re just about to tell her that it really doesn’t matter, feeling you’ve crossed the line, when she smiles and says, 120 over 80. Sighing you say great, OK, thank you, and leave as quickly as possible.

The Three Critical C’s of Self Care for School Leaders – putting your own Oxygen Mask on First to Help the others.

In these extraordinary times, leaders of schools have had to become adaptable, flexible and nimble, getting systems to fit in with the ever-shifting sands of Government regulation and restriction.

The Resilience Factor

With some companies tentatively returning staff to the workplace, what is the mood of your business? Despite the threat that people feel from job insecurity, recent research, news and commentary suggest a radical realignment in the job market which spells bad news for retention and people risk in general.

Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide – Chapter 2: Could you have diabetes?

Diabetes is increasing on a global scale. Even more concerning is the fact that you could be a sufferer without knowing it. Currently (November 2016) almost 3.6 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes, with an estimated further million undiagnosed. By 2025 it is estimated that over 4 million people in the UK will be diagnosed diabetic. The majority of these cases (roughly 90 per cent) are Type 2 diabetes. 

Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide – Chapter 1: A weighty issue (or, a weighty question)

Does being overweight really matter? Suppose that you realise that you are overweight. Perhaps you have not got back into shape after having children or maybe you have always been a little plumper than you would like. Is it really a problem? Clearly there’s still a lot of research to be done, but it is certain that being overweight isn’t fun and it isn’t clever – and it can be about a lot more than the way you look.

The Sleep Issue

Many of us have faced a new reality over the last few months, working a lot more from home. Whilst this has allowed many of us to potentially spend more time in bed (no commuting and getting up early), other factors have compounded blocks to getting the sleep we need.

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