From Vending Machines to Healthy Options

Transforming Workplace Food Culture

From Vending Machines to Healthy Options – Exploring Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Choices for a Productive Workday

The workplace, a bustling hive of activity, often sees employees reaching for quick snacks to keep them going throughout the day. Vending machines, once stocked with sugary and salty treats, are gradually giving way to healthier options. 

What are the Healthy Breakfast Options

  • Overnight Oats: Make more exciting by adding yoghurt, fresh blueberries and walnuts halves
  • Dippy Egg with rye bread (rye bread because it is better to balance blood sugar levels (energy)
  • Eggs any which way, whilst you are about it!
  • Rye bread and nut butter (eg cashew nut butter the protein will balance the blood sugar
  • Sardines, kippers, egg “fried” rice, with vegetables

Healthy Lunch Options to Take to Work

  • Salad Boxes:  Loads of fresh veg, but remember to add protein
  • Buy one of those little thermos flasks for meals – and pack something hot for lunch – maybe leftovers from the night before
  • Don’t eat sandwiches – if you do eat bread, bring your own rye bread ( I keep saying rye because it is thicker, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and rye bread will keep your energy more stable
  • If you do like soup, think about making your own (from homemade stock if you can) – you can add cashew nuts (whizzed up) which will add protein, and keep you fuller
  • Eat a real meal – don’t graze on bits and bobs – if you have eaten breakfast later then don’t worry about a huge lunch (you could have soup) but just eat dinner earlier – in this way, you have loads of time to digest it before you go to bed!

Transforming Workplace Food Culture

The shift towards healthier workplace food culture is essential for several reasons:

  • Improved Employee Well-being: Healthier food choices can contribute to better overall health – Nutrition is the foundation for all well-being whether physical or mental
  • Increased Productivity: Proper nutrition can boost energy levels and provide valuable nutrients which ward off poor mental health, and poor health outcomes.
  • Reduced Absenteeism: Healthier employees are less likely to take sick days – it seems so obvious, but even a diet poor in Vitamin C can cause a drop in basic immunity, causing employers to be sicker and take time off
  • Enhanced Workplace Culture: Encouraging healthy eating fosters a positive workplace – the company that eats together, stays together


How healthy food at work increases productivity – From Vending Machines to Healthy Options

Healthy food at work can be a game-changer for productivity because if you have employees who have stable energy levels, dynamic concentration, and stable mood – they are more likely to be in control of their emotions, health and workload

Nutrient-rich choices, like fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains, provide a steady supply of energy without the sugar crashes of unhealthy snacks – There is a whole lot more to nutrient optimization, especially important brain nutrients, but even the basics in nutrition will make a profound differences


Kate Cook Biz Working Health: Elevating Your Work Performance

From Vending Machines to Healthy Options, I provide expert guidance to unleash your potential by highlighting the impact of nutrition. From vending machines filled with sugary snacks to a vibrant selection of wholesome options, transforming workplace food culture is a step toward a healthier, more productive work environment. Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast and enjoying a balanced lunch can provide the fuel your body and mind need to excel at work.

So, the next time you’re at work, consider making a healthier choice and watch how it transforms your day. 

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