The Link Between Mental Health and Productivity

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The Link Between Mental Health and Productivity – In today’s fast-paced work environment, the connection between mental health and productivity has never been more significant!   

Companies and society frame our emotional states in terms of ‘wellbeing’ or ‘mental health/illness’. Currently, most health programmes around “health of the mind” tend to imply that people are either zippingly happy, or unstable/unwell. We have ups and we have downs. Most of the time, our daily worries, stresses and frustrations are not serious mental health problems. They are emotional health challenges, and it is perfectly normal to experience this fluctuation. 

The key to a thriving workplace lies in fostering a culture where employees’ well-being is prioritized, through the employees discovering tools to navigating the complex world of work, and increasingly the world at large.  Of course, culture plays a huge part in how psychologically safe your employees feel, but on the other hand, employees can learn how to be fiercely resilient themselves.


What is Psychological Safety at Work?

Psychological safety is an environment where employees feel safe to express their opinions, voice concerns, and take risks without fear of retribution.  It’s a foundation that encourages open communication, innovation, and collaboration. Creating psychological safety allows employees to bring their authentic selves to work, and creates a sense of belonging and trust.

Creating psychological safety allows employees to bring their authentic selves to work. Hence, workplace culture plays a huge part in the happiness of our workers– but empowering our people to navigate the complex terrain of work, and having tools to be resilient is key – and helps our people realise that feeling anxious, low or stressed is part of the human condition. The trick is to know the difference between ordinary unbalanced emotional health, and when a situation/symptoms tips over into serious mental health.


How Do You Create Psychological Safety at Work?

  • Open Communication: Encourage open dialogue and active listening. Ensure that your employee’s voice is heard and respected.  
  • Lead by Example: Leaders play a crucial role in modelling vulnerability and openness
  • Feedback and Growth: Embrace constructive feedback as a tool for growth
  • Inclusive Decision-Making: Involve employees in decision-making processes


The Link Between Mental Health and Productivity

The link between mental health and productivity is undeniable. A workplace that values psychological safety, well-being, and a balanced approach to work can reap the rewards of enhanced creativity, engagement, and innovation.  By embracing the principles of psychological safety, supporting employees’ mental health, and providing strategies for stress management, businesses can create a culture that promotes wellness and productivity in harmony.


Why not foster Happiness instead?

Suppose you are looking for a different type of training and a way for your team to have a fun bonding day – A day that encourages happiness and joy, why not book a discovery call with Kate to find out how.

Kate works with Jon Bockelmann-Evans who not only is a psychiatrist, with 25 years of helping employees understand the difference between mental health and stable emotional health but is a Yoga Laughter Instructor, so teaches us pure Practical Happiness which we can use every day in our lives to help us navigate life’s ups and downs–he can teach us to bring deliberate joy into our lives. 

Kate contributes to the day by showing us the true foundation to the excellent health of our minds, by showing us exactly what diet/nutrients build healthy resilience, through physical health – and is a Yoga laugher Instructor to boot, trained by no other than Jon Bockelmann-Evans.  This exciting, fun-packed day is a practical manual in Everyday Happiness!

Kate Cook Biz Working Health

Kate Cook Biz Working Health stands as a beacon of expertise. With Kate’s guidance, organizations can create a culture that prioritises mental health, productivity, and overall employee well-being. Her strategies empower leaders to create a supportive environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

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