Corporate Wellness Bible – available May 2013

Your guide to Health and Happiness in the Work Place – Corporate Wellness Bible.

The proofs are finally with the publisher and the die is cast – The Corporate Wellness Bible will be available from the end of May.

The Corporate Wellness Bible is an is broken down into easy to digest sections  – defining the problem clearly and then coming up with solutions for improving  nutrition, exercise and the psychology of being in the workplace.  We spend most of our waking life and work, but it is often long hours and bad habits (not enough time) that take a massive toll on our wellbeing and then in turn our performance.

corporate wellness bible

Progressive companies are now beginning to understand the huge importance that Wellness has on the bottom line.  Although in the climate of economic doom it is easy to just look at cutting costs what are the actual costs in terms of performance?

I have a good friend who works in the County Council offices of our local town.  The bean-counters have slashed all the budgets, many roles have been put out to private tender, the office is in a state of flux, good friends are being given the chop.  The result is my friend hates her job, hates her boss, and hates going into work and feels under constant threat (Fight and flight).  She looks pale and nervous.  She is constantly looking over her shoulder , wondering if she might be next.  Is this any way to run a company let alone a government office?

The Corporate Wellness Bible is available for companies to introduce  the concept of Wellness to staff to start a chain of change not only for their staff but for themselves.

The book is available to white label  contact for more information.

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