Corporate Wellness Bible – Kate Cook, Nutrition and Wellness Expert publishes new book

The Corporate Wellness bible, published later this month, provides a very practical and low cost solution in sowing the seed of engagement in terms of corporate wellness.  The book, which is written in a light and entertaining style, is never preachy but instead offers gems of wisdom and practical tips for making changes to the everyday habits that get in the way of true health.

corporate wellness bibleThe book is divided into three sections – Nutrition, Fitness and the mental challenges that face everyone who is in employment.  Kate’s area of specialism lies in the nutrition area – this important foundation is key to getting a workforce that is able to function at its best.  Kate brought Kevin Knind in to write some of the chapters in the psychology/mind section. Kevin is an Occupational Psychologist and Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society.  Kevin has a long standing interest in promoting a healthy approach to work, by helping organisations become better places to work and enabling individuals to thrive even in pressured environments.


The book’s chapters are designed as stand-alone pieces that can be read as individual pieces so the book is not a heavy read but a book that the reader can dip in and out of allowing them to digest small and practical pearls.  Wellness is hardly ever about radical change it’s about small steady steps towards improvement – these  small steps taken by themselves may not be significant but over time add up into a considerable and significant change to health and wellbeing. Could you put in 1, short tip as an example here??

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