Getting stress back in the box

Although many are brought low by the long dark days of January, it is starting to get noticeably lighter in the evenings; buds are appearing on the trees and the daffodils are poking up through the cold hard soil – bravery!

Nutrition is of course a very important foundation for all health including mental health but it is often stress that is the final straw that breaks the camels back in terms of how our body deal with the resources it has (food, light air!) Here are some of my personal top tips for getting stress back in the box and “steadying the ship of life”

StressWe, (that’s me and the team at The Nutrition Coach), have partnered with Jon Bocklemann-Evans (a brilliant speaker and teacher who specialises in the stress, emotion and commotion) to run a full wellness programme under The Five Foundations (C) banner. We cover Fuel (Nutrition), Emotion and Commotion (stress), Motion (exercise) Rest and Sleep, and Community – Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Fuel (to balance stress)

Kate Cook fuel to balance stress

  1.  Always have breakfast – even if you eat it a little later – try something different e.g. Eggs and smoked mackerel (nice, really), rye bread and almond butter, frittata and good smoked salmon

  2. Choose quality, organic if you can afford it

  3. Plan your menus, and shopping or (that old one) you plan to fail and just have bit of hard cheese and old floppy celery stick in the back of your fridge as a dinner option

Emotion and Commotion (stress)

Kate Cook Stress

  1. Try Qi Gong – my personal super-power – yes, its a bit subtle but boy is it powerful. See Master Lam (You Tube), as a primer

  2. Yoga with Adrien – 20 minutes a day is enough for transformation (see You Tube)

  3. Breathing – under-rated (!) 6 breaths in and 6 breaths out – but of course, there are many variations as to what seems to calm the system down

Motion (exercise)

Kate Cook Stress


  1. Keep moving

  2. Yoga and Qi Gong (see above)

  3. Standing desk?

Rest and Sleep

Kate Cook Rest And Sleep

  1. 15 minutes of listening to Bach or Mozart (apparently the music entrains the brainwaves to the right frequency)

  2. 8 Hours of sleep

  3. Passaflora is a useful herbal remedy if you are having trouble sleeping


  1. Sunday lunch and invite your neighbour

  2. Take up a hobby! Form your own tribe

  3. Get a garden allotment, go to class that involves socialisation and get off that dreaded phone : )

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