Making the most of Wellness – Have you booked your Wellness Day?

I am delighted that I have been engaged by several forward looking companies to provide some dynamic  workshops to start the transformation in employee engagement with health and wellness. Have you booked your Wellness Day?

Progressive companies look to provide Wellness Days as part of employee benefits – it is beneficial of course to the employee but one could argue it is most beneficial to the companies concerned.  Companies often are keen to highlight the benefits of exercise and resilience for employee health (whilst important) but without the foundation of Eating for Energy – these other two health areas are much more difficult to achieve.

Eating For Energy is such an important foundation – We think we know about eating because food and the need to eat are functions that we need to do every day.  However, we get most of our messaging from the Television and the media so we are influenced by advertising, and interested parties who want to persuade you that their version of the healthy eating truth is the right one.

Knowing the basic rules of Eating for Energy is extremely empowering – once you know the true foundation, the results can be dramatic.

Wellness Day

I am engaged to do part of the Health and Safety briefing for a big construction company – I have been doing this for several years.  One of the guys working on site transformed his eating (he was just eating cornflakes as he was trying to diet – not safe operating heavy machinery?).  He reported back to me in October that he was sleeping better, he had lost weight, he had more energy and his moods were more balanced.  His whole family were eating better which had an impact on his son, wife and wider family.

Have you booked your Wellness Day  – Get in touch to book yours!

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