Launch of “Mindful Wellness” Programmes

The impact of stress in the workplace is a huge negative drain on resources, staff and health. I am working in conjunction with to launch ‘ Mindful Wellness ‘ programmes of whole health for companies and their employees.

The concept of Mindfulness is a researched based approach to Health originally developed from Eastern philosophies principally by Jon Kabat Zinn at The Massachusets Stress Reduction clinic in the 1970’s.   His team have collected compelling data over many years and on-going studies have shown that a Mindful approach to Wellness in the Workplace has a dramatic influence on working life.

mindful wellness

Using research based tools “Mindful Wellness” is a series of programmes to dynamically increase the resilience of staff in terms of coping with stress and the impact of heavy work loads and long hours.  We have developed programmes for:

·       Mindfulness Training – resilience, stress reduction, focus

·       Mindful Nutrition  a Foundation for Health and Wellness – Optimal performance through “strategic eating”

·       Mindful Movement  exercise,  wellbeing, stamina, and fitness

For further information:  Please contact – 0845 0502442

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