Your mood depends on your food

Ever been in the office and totally lost it with a colleague only to recover your senses a little later in the day and realise it was really you and not your annoying colleague who was to blame?  Have you tried and tried to diet only to realise that you couldn’t resist the pull of the biscuit tin?  Or as the nights started to draw in come the Autumn, and you found your self wallowing in a spate of uncharacteristic depression? What is controlling your mood?

The good news is its probably not you!  It may be down to what you are eating.

Top five tips for food and your mood!

1.  I know I sound like a stuck record sometimes, but if you are not already, try to eat food that balances the blood sugar.  That is food that processes in the body more slowly giving you a constant energy source rather than peaks and troughs of energy.  This means your mood will be much more even.  Don’t over do it but having some nuts or oat cakes in your drawer at work can get you through until lunch. Remember to snack not graze (have a dedicated time to have a snack, typically 11.00am)

2.  You really DO need to improve that breakfast.  Proper porridge with nuts and seeds.  Eggs and real bread (like rye or spelt).  This really needs work on and should not be ignored !  This is THE MAGIC of improving mood.


3.  Consider if a food is agreeing with you.  Wheat products have got a poor press – even if you aren’t intolerant to wheat, the products that are made of wheat tend to be full of sugar (giving you that energy crash!)  So try as an energy and mood experiment swopping wheat bread for proper rye bread.

4.  If you really suffer in the winter from low mood ask your doctor to test for vitamin D  – If you are I like the Better You Vitamin D sprays.  Really easy to take!

5.  Sugar, Sugar, Sugar crashes the blood sugar!  That means a peak in blood sugar followed by a low, in dip of blood sugar your feel low!

Bonus:  Try a Lumie Clock which wakes you up gently with light rather than sound (like the rising of the sun) Then you can get depressed when you look out of the window and see its STILL raining !

Good Health and Go Well!

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