Nutrition – your major tool to an improved bottom line

Sometimes we find that even companies that do invest in workplace restaurants can do better in providing food that actually empowers their staff.  Often the message of Healthy eating is banged home – but healthy eating is a boring topic likely to get people to rebel and make other choices.  It can come across as patronising.  The motive of the company in promoting Healthy food is often quite transparent – obviously” the powers that be” would want the staff eating healthier as it makes them more productive but this healthy eating message can back-fire, put staff on an entirely different path (the chip choice!) and have an improved bottom line.

I work with companies on a number of levels to get this “right”.  First it is to show restaurant managers what the structure of “empowered” eating looks like.  We all know that healthy eating might involve eating more carrots (!) but it is knowing what to eat and when in order to gain optimum energy and vitality (rather than healthy eating – yawn!).  Next we work with restaurant managers to get them to tell a better “story” of what foods do what and to make it interesting.  We can use micro-nutrient analysis of the menus (looking at the vitamins and minerals) and make small adjustments to the offering to be able to really make a huge difference in the quality and the impact of the foods.

nutrition improved bottom line

Lastly we work with staff in the company to show them that better nutrition is not about revolutionary change (intimidating) but small really do-able steps on a journey towards better health. 

What steps could you take in your company today to change from the Healthy eating message to a more positive, empowered approach?

If you need guidance with which steps to take first or a more thorough evaluation of your workplace restaurant offerings get in touch with me here.

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