10 tips to improve your posture at work

Some of these posture tips are actually to do at home – obviously anything to do with sleeping positions and should you really be at your desk looking at your phone on your lap? It is simple to make sure your computer and chair are in the right position or to build in some breaks to your day so you can get up and walk around, but these tips really will help improve your posture and reduce any back pain that you may be experiencing.

  1. Walk straight as if you are trying to peer over someone’s fence.  This strengthens the back muscles and keeps everything in the right place, without you thinking about it
  2. Don’t look at tablets/phones on your lap which bends the neck!
  3. DO NOT ever sleep on your front so that your neck is bent at a strange angle
  4. Get up from your desk and walk about – every 20 minutes should do it
  5. Make sure you are not deficient in the mineral magnesium (helps relax muscles). Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables
  6. Make sure you have a good chair and that computers are are the right height
  7. Get problems sorted out early to avoid them becoming chronic – consider a chiropractor/osteopath/physio
  8. Develop a small stretching routine, perhaps similar to this one
  9. Advance to more challenging routine, maybe something like this.
  10. Don’t read in bed which bends the neck forward and impacts your neck and spine

Some of the above tips were provided by Dr James Shervell


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