Nutritionist Develops the World’s First Healthy Pizza

A nutritionist,  Mike Lean  of Glasgow University and Donnie Maclean (a businessman)  have developed the world’s first healthy Pizza (03 July 2012)

Maclean has a range of toppings that incorporate nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, folates, vitamin C and A. The toppings include roasted cherry tomatoes, red peppers and sweet caramelised onions, the BBC reported.

Healthy Pizza“I researched the market and found that seaweed was an interesting new ingredient being used in artisan bread. So we used that as a way of reducing the salt level. The sodium content of seaweed is about 3.5% compared to 40% in salt. There’s iodine in there, vitamin B12, all sorts of things. And the flavour is e

“If you go along to a supermarket or a restaurant and buy a meal, then somebody should have thought about it nutritionally,” he said. This frustration led him to work on a variety of pizzas that would not only be tasty but also healthy.

“The way the guidelines are set out, you have 20% of your nutrients and calories from your breakfast, 30 per cent from your lunch, 30 per cent from your dinner, and an extra 20 per cent for snacks,” The BBC quoted Maclean as saying.

The secret of the healthy pizzas is a recipe that allows them to pack in more nutrients into regular pizzas. They worked on reducing the salt level on the standard pizzas available in the market

As of now the pizzas will only be available frozen, preserving their nutrients. Maclean said their pizzas are slightly more expensive than those available in the market, but it “shouldn’t be a hard pill to swallow, or a hard pizza to eat.”

Kate Cook comments:  Whilst I can see that eating a pizza that has more nutrients might be considered a good thing but I am wondering if the audience that eats pizzas on a regular basis really cares that the pizza is more nutritious – presumably at this point you are just catering for people who want a pizza at a reasonable price and are not prepared to make it themselves.  Surely this has to be a price sensitive product?

Secondly, I am not sure that it is giving the right message about pizza being part of a healthy diet?  Is there enough other information to support that this pizza is just a part of a diet that must contain fresh fruit and vegetables and how is that being communicated?

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