Make This The BEST YEAR of Your Health!

I am excited to be running this new session – Make This The Best Year of Your Health! this quarter and before the year gets too underway.

I have written elsewhere about how, the Chinese New Year (this year February 1st) gives us a few more week’s grace to get our acts together. And this year, I intend to do just that!

With the last two years firmly behind us (and I am sure we are not out of the woods yet, of course) is it finally time to look forward to the future? Many of us have used the last few years, with more time at home to get healthy, eat better, have more time for sleep and generally take better care of ourselves, but there are others who have been brought very low by the events of the last year, and have piled on the pounds, and found working from home stressful, and distracting. What we do know, is that many people have found the last two years a big strain on health outcomes – many suffer in silence from extreme anxiety, depression and other mood issues, relationship conflicts, and a sense of hopelessness. Certainly, working from home and the isolation it can bring has been no bed of roses for a good many of us.
With the prospect of Spring just round the corner, lighter days, and a lifting of restrictions – can we finally bring ourselves to make a plan to look at the future in terms of our life and our health?

In the session I am running, Make This The Best Year of Your Health, we are not looking at the should of nutrition as in you should eat better, or live better, or move more – ie the dreaded waggy finger, we are exploring the motivation and the benefits small tweaks in lifestyle brings. The “energy currency” we can create from small adjustments in the diet (and lifestyle) to get big results.

Once we have dynamic energy, we literally have wealth – and health is wealth, of course. We have more enthusiasm for not only our work, but space enough to be able to create other opportunities outside our work. We have space and time for our families, and energy to create positive changes in our communities. This last element is important – never before have we needed so many of us to step up to the plate to rebuild our families, society, communities but we need enthusiastic healthy and joyful people to do this monumental task. We don’t want to be the person who struggles to have enough gas in the tank to get through the day, only to collapse on the sofa to watch Netflix – when we have enough energy, we inspire and motive others – we have our energy but enough to share and go round.

So, yes, Make This The Best Year of Your Health, but in doing that, you also make a difference not just to yourself but those around you too.

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