Kate Cook’s Wellness Guide – Chapter 10: Burnout


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In this chapter, learn all about the effect of finances and wellness.

Chapter 10

What is burnout? It’s when a relationship – either work or personal – has got so bad that you just can’t stand it any longer. If the only route of action that appeals is hiding under your duvet until Christmas, it’s time to reassess your situation. See how you score on the
questions below. Tot up the scores for each statement you agree with.

You fantasise a lot about your perfect life that doesn’t include your dull/annoying partner/job? +1
You say ‘I can’t take it any more’ at least once a week +2
You feel unappreciated +3
Tension is beginning to affect your health +3
You wake up dreading the day ahead +3
All you want to do in the evening is slump in front of the TV and sleep +1


4 or under – Mild level of dissatisfaction. This indicates that the present situation is stressful but
potentially saveable.
4–9 – Life is not good and you know you need to act.
10 or over – Burnout imminent.

Dr Dina Glouberman, who has written on the subject of burnout, defined it as what happens when ‘The love or meaning in what we are doing goes, but attachment drives us to carry on.’

It’s this attachment that you need to question.

It’s clear that some situations are easier to leave than others but if you have tried all you can to fix your particular hell and nothing improves, it’s time to admit the unhappiness to yourself and others, and move on. In our competitive world, it’s hard to say ‘I may have made a mistake.’ The more time you’ve invested in the wrong life, the harder it is to give up on it. But the first step is simply admitting
to yourself and perhaps a few trusted compadres that yes, you are human, you made a mistake.

There’s nothing wrong with being unhappy with your life. See it as a positive. What it signals is that you have outgrown your present situation and that it’s time to move on. Otherwise, the stress of living a life that isn’t yours can be fearsome. You risk burnout – a state of collapse where you lose all joy in life. Your body gives out and your spirit gives up. It is extremely painful and can take months, even years to come back from.

But even if you do burn out, it’s not an unmitigated catastrophe. For many it’s the beginning of a new, more enlightened life. After spending their time in the metaphorical wilderness, they rethink their life and choose a new route.

Here’s an exercise to help you get the process started:

Lie down. Breathe deeply. When you’re calm, ask yourself, ‘If I woke up and all my problems and worries had gone, how would I know a miracle had happened?’

How would you behave, talk, walk, think – if the miracle had happened?

How do you think your family and friends would know a miracle had happened?

If you were to assess your life right now somewhere between 0 and 10, with 0 being your worst life and 10 a full-scale miracle life, where would this day be on the scale?

What would need to happen for you to move one step up?

How would other people know that you had moved one step up?

This exercise helps you realise that it’s not so much miracles (externals) that determine your happiness, but your behaviour.

You are in control.

You might find chapters 65 and 69 especially helpful.

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